Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trekking Taal Volcano, Batangas

The Philippines is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and thus, having several active or dormant volcanoes in the archipelago is quite normal.

Taal Volcano is an island near the center of the Taal lake in Batangas -- 60 kms. south of Manila. It is referred to as a volcano within a volcano and described by scientists as a complex volcano. It is one of the world's smallest volcano as well.

Why a complex volcano? Consider these definitions:

A volcano consisting of a complex of two or more cones. It is a volcano with more than one feature and they are formed by changes in their eruptive locations or characteristics. It is also called a compound volcano. 

To heighten the complexity of Taal Volcano are the seven different eruption parts including the Taal Lake. This is not to scare people, but the thrill to feel is everywhere whenever you start to trek in the volcano island. Your imagination starts to play with several "What Ifs."

Taal Volcano is unique, the fact that the volcano itself has a lake of its own inside its crater which is called the "Crater Lake." There is even a tiny island in the Crater Lake that you can see in the pictures below.

Can you swim? Yes! But you can't stay too long for it has high concentrations of boron, magnesium, aluminum and sodium in salt form.

There were 33 eruptions since 1572 and seven were destructive. The last eruption was in 1977.

As you trek along, you will see several thermal vents (sulfuric vapors) and fissures making it more exciting to witness. 

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