Friday, October 26, 2012

Enigmatic Beauty of Polangui, Albay

It takes 12 hours of bus ride to reach Polangui from Manila. No doubt that this small and quiet town prides itself of scenic landscapes not to mention that it projects Mayon Volcano in a different manner.

Back in the Spanish times, Polangui was designated as a distinct district with assigned letters on a particular community. To prove this, family names starting with the letter S were situated in Centro, Polangui, while family names starting with the letter R, were and are still located in Oas, Polangui. Fascinating isn't it?

I made a short visit of Polangui for two days just to observe and take pictures of its development. My Mom hails from this humble town and was a colegiala at St. Peter's Academy.

Centro, Polangui also prides itself of the miraculous Santo Entierro of which the devotees have several anecdotes to share as well. 

Did I say you can eat the famous fried banana in flour called "sinapot" for only 3 pesos here? You must try as well the addicting sweet Polangui-made Pili Mazapan/Marzipan.

Camaya Coast of Mariveles, Bataan

I was still a small kid when I reached Mariveles together with my Mom. I do not remember anything except that I swam the waters of Mariveles, Bataan.

A good friend from Doha, Qatar arrived and invited me to check the property they bought. I've heard of Camaya, but I never thought that is an exclusive and a private resort for property owners only.

It's exclusive in the sense that we were fetched by a Camaya coaster together with their sales representative from EDSA. That day was like an open house for the developers, they welcomed property owners, new investors and family guests.

Before riding their ferry, we registered with the staff and made us wear the exclusive Camaya wrist badges to be worn, indicating that we are "Camaya" people indeed.

If I remember it right, to reach Camaya Coast, a ferry trip lasted 45 minutes one way from a Camaya port in Mariveles.

You be the judge how beautiful the place is.