Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Captivating Baler, Aurora

I've heard of Baler a lot of times. I also heard of a period film named after the town, I did not watch it.  All I know is that Baler used to be part of the Quezon Province which is now an independent province called Aurora.

Baler's history traces back from the Spanish times in 1609 when it was founded by seven Franciscan missionaries. When the Americans arrived in the Philippines, they incorporated Baler to the province of Tayabas that was later named Quezon. In 1942, Japanese troops entered Baler and established a garrison.

Baler eventually became a battle ground between the Japanese and the combined Filipino and American troops in 1945.

You can visit the historic church, the various magnificent islets, the Ermita Hill, the various coves, and of course the ancestral house of Manuel L. Quezon and his wife Aurora.

If you are looking for breath taking spots and surfing adventure you can reach this beautiful and historic town six hours by bus via the Genesis Transport.

The pictures I took below are just some of the concrete proofs for an awesome invitation to visit Baler right now!

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