Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Serene Laiya of San Juan, Batangas

A very close friend and college classmate sent me a private message on Facebook, and was bugging for me to decide and choose a very nice destination for her and her husband coming from Michigan. I suggested many places, Fortune Island, Calatagan, Vigan or anywhere in Ilocos. They went to Cebu and Bohol instead. And for us her good friends? We stayed in Batangas, another close friend suggested Laiya. I thought of rejecting the idea, since Laiya is quite popular and expensive when it comes to accommodations.

She said she can manage... Oh well...

We scouted several resorts and of course chose the good ones if not the best. I don't want to quote the prices here since it was an off-peak season, but for us it was still expensive. Nonetheless, our room was very, very cozy like in a five-star hotel and the views... oh! so breathtaking that the pictures I took below will pass for some very good post cards.

Savor the views of Laiya... you would always want to come back at the soonest possible time.

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